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The She's About Business Show
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Category: Self-Improvement
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by Diathe Garnes
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December 28, 2019 08:39 PM PST

Knowing yourself is vital to our growth as individuals...as human beings. One of the best ways to get to know yourself better is through honest reflection, acceptance of what you learn, and retention through application. This isn't always easy...it's almost never easy, but it's always useful.

On this episode, I reflect on things that I've learned about myself this year in an attempt to cement them in my narrative so that they can be retained and applied in my life.

As you listen in to me reflect, judgement is okay as long as you also relect on you. On our journey to our very best lives, I believe that we should take things one moment, one day, one week, one month, and one year at a time. Even so, my goal for myself and for you for the upcoming year is to absolutely SLAY!

It starts NOW! Let's reflect, learn, retain and apply! Happy New Year to You! Let the SLAY-age begin!

December 21, 2019 03:30 PM PST

What happens when the things that we thought would make and keep us happy just don't feel so great after all? Is it life throwing us a sucker punch or is it that we make plans in life without actually being in tune with who we are? When we don’t know who we are we go through life allowing things that truly do not serve us to suck the life right out of us. We have all the symptoms of being out of tune with self, yet we ignore the signs, hoping that they will go away and that nobody else will notice.

My guest today is Rita C Ricks and she is an amazing example of living in tune with self and not just chasing purpose but becoming purpose… by living purposefully. Rita has decades of experience as an entrepreneur and has done things that didn't always make sense to others but that were in tune with her life's path and purpose...and in her own words, she "hasn't been afraid in years!" Rita is a spirt led coach with an amazing ability to connect with others. She's the host of Speaking to Your Spirit, found on Prime Video, an author, and a Savvy Mogul who has been making moves for years! Rita believes that you are the CEO of your life regardless of your career path! Her wisdom and vitality inspire women of all ages! Listen in and be inspired! Also, don't forget to visit www.shesaboutbusiness.com for everything She's About Business and visit www.theimpactcoach.net to learn more about me!

December 15, 2019 04:57 AM PST

Fear, especially overcoming it, has undoubtedly been the topic of discussion of motivational speeches since the time man has needed to be motivated! There's often nothing that immobilizes us faster than fear. My guest today has dealt with her share of fear, has overcame it, and has become a sought-after coach, prolific leader of leaders, author, brand developer...and the list could go on and on. To say it simply, Sharvette Mitchell is the bomb.com! Sharvette is a Savvy Mogul who is beautiful, inside and out and who speaks from her experiences, expertise, and wisdom to pour into the lives of many. She's the host of The Sharvette Mitchell Radio Show, the author of the book entitled Propel, and many other amazing accolades… but most impressive of all is that Sharvette has been successful at doing it scared!

Don't wait until there is no fear! Do it scared and trust your process! Listen in, learn and be inspired! Also, visit www.shesaboutbusiness.com or www.theimpactcoach.net to learn how you can get all things SAB-u-Lous by downloading the app, getting the books, or just connecting with me one on one!

***(Please forgive the sound quality... trying a new process)

December 08, 2019 03:15 AM PST

Listen, I'm the first to admit that coming together as a people, as a team, as a group of any kind can be difficult...but it's also very, very necessary. If you're a bit of a loner like I am, it can be all the more difficult! The difficulty is perpetuated because our society has been built around the idea of separate and UNequal...but we can break this paradigm...and unify to uplift, motivate and inspire!

As I continue to work on unifying with amazing Savvy Moguls who are Making Moves for this season, I wanted to give 3 points that have helped me to overcome roadblocks when working to connect with others. Listen in, learn, and be inspired!

December 01, 2019 03:00 AM PST

When is the last time you did something for the purpose of benefiting someone else more than for benefiting yourself? I recently was offered an opportunity, and was told... "don't do it for the money... there has to be a bigger reason why you're doing it." As I thought about the opportunity, I realized that many of the mentors and teachers in my life really "did it for a bigger reason..." they got nothing back from all that they poured into me. My guest today understands this all too well, and has committed herself to actaully paying forward to others all that has been poured into her from those who impacted her life. When was the last time you took the lessons you've learned and payed them forward to impact the lives of those who you are called to reach? Regina Ross is a Savvy Mogul who understands that not every job, career, or business is done simply for the money. She believes that we're all called to reach a certain group of people who will respond to our unique message and delivery and believes that the principal of paying it forward will bring us closer to pursuing and achieving our passions! Listen in, learn and be inspired!

Also, visit www.theimpactcoach.net (www.diathegarnes.com) to learn how you can download the app, get the books, or just connect with me one on one!

November 24, 2019 03:00 AM PST

One of the major quotes that I remember from book one of the She's About Business Book Series, is "Anything that you can do alone will never truly grow to its full potential." This is why partnering on purpose is necessary in order to truly create the type of reach needed to REACH all those you are called to reach! Savvy moguls aren't afraid to share their platforms with other industry bosses because they understand the purpose in partnering!

I was so honored to sit down with Miss CEO Magazine herself, Sharon Oliver for the first episode of season 3! Sharon has created an amazing platform that allows others to highlight their uniqueness in an amazing way! Much of the magic that she creates is done through partnering on purpose and that partnership was extended to the SAB Show with amazing and funny results...because not only is Sharon a Savvy Mogul, but she's also hilarious, unique, and creative! Listen in, laugh and be inspired!

Visit www.theimpactcoach.net (www.diathegarnes.com) to learn how you can download the app, get the books, or just connect with me one on one!

October 13, 2019 03:00 AM PDT

Being under God's protective hand is such a privilege! Being without His protection is such a difficult and lonely place to be, but it's up to us which way we decide to live. We often inadvertently work against the things that God is trying to do to protect us. This will lead us to painful life lessons that could have been avoided. When we decide to live under the amazing power of God's protection, we still encounter pain, but we are gifted with peace and strength to endure it. What will you choose?

October 06, 2019 02:00 AM PDT

Sometimes we simply need to hear that things are okay... that we are okay just where and how we are. Not because we're perfect, but because we're beautiful works in progress. This message is for you because you are becoming better each and every day! And about all of those mess ups? Hey, keep on working, and pushing... and trust me when I say... it's okay! You are okay!

September 29, 2019 02:00 AM PDT

Life is full of cycles of difficult experiences that require us to recover again and again. In the midst of the pain it can feel like healing is an impossible task. The worst part is that we often find ourselves in these painful situations due to our own decisions and missteps. We must work harder at protecting the most important and sensitive parts of ourselves. But, thankfully, resiliency is a part of our human DNA... and even when it doesn't seem like it, your heart will heal...again.

September 22, 2019 03:01 AM PDT

It can be very tempting to allow your circumstances to define your life. It can also be very tempting to give up when our circumstances seem difficult to bear. But, I believe that every time we push through and refuse to give up we gain "sweat equity" that will pay off for us later. Don't give up now! You're almost there!.

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